Smart City

A smart city is an innovative city that uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) and other means to improve quality of life, efficiency of urban operations and services, and competitiveness, while ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations with respect to economic, social and environmental aspects.

Our role in smart city

Government of India is in the process of Converting Existing Cities into Smart Cities. Oorja contributes in making an existing city into a Smart city by powering the cities by "smart connections" for various items such as street lighting, smart buildings, distributed energy resources (DER), data analytics, and smart transportation.

Camera Installation

1080p (full hd) resolution
Pixels 1280Hx720v
Auto adjustable day/night
Signal to noise ratio:>55db
Ip 66
Operating temperature : -20 to +55 deg C

Solar Installation

Solar cells present in solar panels have the ability to utilize the energy of the sun and convert it to electricity.
When sunlight strikes the solar cells, it induces chemical reactions that release the electrons, thus generating electric current.
All quality products designed and selected
Stage & final inspection and also Final handover

Fiber to Home

Fiber-to-the-home(ftth) is the installation of optical fiber from a telephone switch directly into the subscriber’s home. It is one of the latest access technologies.

increasing the broadband internet access with more that 10 Mbps speed
for enhanced video services like Video on Demand, Pay per view, HD tv.
Plain old telephone services as well as next gen voice services like Voice over IP.
Highly secured and reliable VPN services.

Li-ion battery

Intelligent storage management
Small volume and large capacity
Eco-friendly and low running cost
Standardization of battery
Capacities can be customized as per our requirements

Radio frequency and Detection

Radio frequency is a form of electromagnetic transmission used in wireless communication.
A method and system for radio-frequency proximity detection uses received signal strength variance to determine proximity distance.
RF signals are easily generated, ranging 3kHz to 300GHz.

Remote Monitoring System

The system enables remote monitoring and management of solar rooftop systems
Highly configurable performance monitoring system
Live Swichivation tracking and analysis
Notification and Service Intervention Alarms

Smart Poles

Solar led street light- 12W led of high lumen output is used to illuminate the roads with multi level energy saving Mode, having dusk to dawn feature. Solar panel: 300W(150W x 2nos).
Battery: lead tubular batteries 12V – 120AH x 2nos along with battery box with Battery backup(2 days autonomy)
High definition camera: wifi- hd camera for video monitoring, surveillance, vehicle monitoring and many more features with recording facilities.
Clean India: dustbin attached to pole to keep th city clean
Charging point: where we can easily charge our smart phone
Light, camera, hotspot warranty period, solar panel: over 25 years of power generation capacity with a 5 yr warranty

Variable messaging display and billboard

Full matrix: text and pictograph can be displayed on the vmd, text in English, Hindi and regional language, alpha numeric characters, full color: RGB
The display is 100% anti glare and non reflective
10mm Pixel pitch(3 LED per pixel)- LED pixel failure detection
Doors shall be located on the rear of the VMD sign cabinet with door open sensor + temperature /humidity sensor
Optical performance of the vmd will be as per EN 12966 grading and co-forms to IP65 for front & IP 54 for rear side and the led
Will have a life span of (mtbf)100,000 hrs. EN 12966 certified.
Communication via rs 232/Ethernet (anyone)

Equipment & Services for the UV Sanitization system

OORJA UVSAFE is an eco-friendly & Cost effective tool that Uses UVC light Sterilization to kill viruses and other pathogens before they enter bio-secure areas.


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