Dating research: 23 as much as date stats and factual statements about Instagram you should know

Dating research: 23 as much as date stats and factual statements about Instagram you should know

Because of this week’s talk, we’ll be speaking about Instagram and its own increase in value for marketers, so please join us at 12pm EST (5pm UK) on Wednesday 20 April.

As planning for the conversation, I’ve pulled together as numerous stats associated with Instagram when I could perhaps find, some of which will offer gas when it comes to discussion and perhaps assist your own personal social networking strategy.

Please be aware: a number of these stats had been investigated and posted in a ClickZ article by Leighann Morris from this past year, and I also have actually updated the figures whenever we can.

1. Instagram has a lot more than 400 million month-to-month active users

2. A lot more than 75percent of the users are outside of the U.S.

3. Significantly more than 30 billion photos have now been provided

4. Instagram users produce 3.5 billion loves each day

5. Significantly more than 80 million pictures are uploaded each day

6. Instagam’s userbase that is monthly grown from 90 million in Jan 2013, to 400 million in September 2015.


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7. Instagram counted 77.6 million users in america in 2015.

8. 27.6% associated with the US population used Instagram in 2015.

9. There is certainly a fairly also gender split between Instagram users: 51% male/49per cent feminine.

10. Month-to-month US Instagram users are required to achieve 111.6 million by 2019.

11. In 2012 Facebook obtained Instagram for $1 billion, a general deal contrasted into the $14 billion it taken care of WhatsApp in 2014. Here’s a chart of Facebook’s other acquisitions that are recent…

12. In February 2014 in america, Instagram had 6.5 million multi-platform users, 20 million desktop users, and 40 million users that are mobile.

13. At the time of January 2014, 41% % people Android os users that has set up Instagram had been additionally daily active users.

14. At the time of September 2015, the best share of visitors to Instagram had been through the United States (23.94%) while traffic through the great britain accounted for 3.57percent of web web site visits.

15. 8% of Instagram records are apparently fake spam-bot records and 30% are inactive, relating to company Insider.

16. They are the 10 many retailers that are popular Instagram by follower figures:

1) Nike 2) Adidas Originals 3) Louis Vuitton 4) Dolce & Gabbana 5) Michael Kors 6) Adidas 7) Dior 8) Christian Louboutin 9) Gucci 10) Prada

17. Instagram comes 8th in Statista’s chart of leading internet sites global as of April 2016, rated by amount of active users (in millions). It overtook Twitter at the conclusion of just last year.

18. In a study folks teenagers, 11% of participants had 101 – 200 followers on Instagram. The US teenager average ended up being 150 supporters. In accordance with a February 2015 study, 59% of US teens regularly accessed the social networking.

19. A day as of April 2015, 35% of US users accessed Instagram several times. By 2019, the final amount of Instagram users in america is anticipated to twice as much 2014 figure.

20. Instagram continues to increase in appeal among teens. In 2015, 33% people teenagers decided Instagram as his or her individual no. 1 social network, up from simply 12% in 2012. This compares favourably with Twitter and Twitter, that have been opted for by 14 and 20percent for the participants, correspondingly.

21. 50% of responses are published in the 1st six hours.

22. Relating to Simply Measured, there’s small correlation between text length and engagement rate.

23. Incorporating a spot to articles leads to 79% greater engagement.

If you’d choose to discuss your own personal triumphs and challenges in making use of Instagram as being a marketer we’d love to listen to your views, therefore please join us for ClickZChat.

Don’t forget to talk regarding the phone

Millennials may be notoriously bad at picking right up their phones for a chat that is long nevertheless when it comes down to internet dating, hearing someone’s voice are interestingly helpful. The very first time some body asked me personally to talk regarding the phone I happened to be questionable. But after a big cup of wine we agreed, and discovered than we had over text when we could riff off each other in real time that we got on far better. We finished up dating for 6 months.

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