Smart city is a new concept with every small detail well planned out.The traffic junction in one such smart city was all manually controlled and the Municipal Corporation decided to implement a technologically superior solution. A team of different products and equipment providers were called and decided to make the traffic junctions “SMART”.

The objectives of the smart traffic solution were to ensure that no traffic violation went unreported and that all the fines for even small violations were to be captured using APNR(Automatic Number Plate Recognition)high-definition cameras installed at these traffic junctions.
The challenge was to install a 24x7 network which would feed the output captured through these CCTV cameras and power system completed in outdoor sites.

OOMIPL had undertaken the design, site survey, POC and fine tuning of the systems. The entire city traffic light CCTV surveillance is now powered using the ground mounted JBs with complete network installation and AMC support.The power solutions designed and implemented by OOMIPL now has led to a smart traffic solution for the surveillance system and the cameras are working round the clock.