Tonk is a place in Western India, Rajasthan where electricity from the regional distribution companies is still scarce. There were daily 4 hour power cuts and peak time for banking is daytime. They were looking for saving their expenses on diesel. One of the largest private sector banks was trying to overcome this problem and decided to use OOMIPL’s “Green Banking” solution.

Our solution was installed and within 2 days the bank was completely running “Diesel free” and saving big on overpriced electricity charges.
OOMIPL installed a 10 KWp solar power on the roof of the branch coupled with a 10KWH Lithium battery system to give 6 hours of backup during power cuts.When the electricity from grid was available the “smart inverter” used to prioritize the use of solar energy thereby reducing the electricity cost.

On a detailed study, it was shown that it saved more than 31% costs on power by installation of this system. Also due to the unique “RESCO” model given by OOMIPL, the bank did not have to incur the initial CAPEX or worry about the installation, maintenance and any breakdowns.Our 24/7 maintenance teams used to take care of the system to function smoothly.The banks have now deployed more than 30 branches using our unique RESCO green banking solution.