About Company

OOMIPL helps organizations meet energy saving and energy management challenges with an integrated comprehensive approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Escort Bayan Arama Platformu

We focus on sustainable growth and innovation aiming to apply our knowledge and expertise and knowledge in advanced material technology and processes to create better solutions for our partners.

Who we are?

Oorja On Move Infra Pvt. Ltd.(OOMIPL) was established in 2014 by professionals having extensive experience of the industry.

We are based out of Gurgaon with offices at Delhi, Jaipur, Raipur, Lucknow, and Pune.

We are the first company to successfully demonstrate renewable energy in telecom towers and have introduced technologies such as Solar solutions, VRB/Flow batteries, Li-ion batteries, and Micro cooling systems for mines. We have lowered levelized cost of energy through value engineering, operational research and efficient financial strategy to deliver cost-efficient energy for our customers.

Our knowledge and depth of our core markets allow us to anticipate and focus on tomorrow’s needs and guide our customers to succeed in progressive markets.

With a focus on sustainable growth and innovation, our aim is to apply our knowledge and expertise in advanced material technology and processes so that we can create better solutions for all of our customers.

We strive to create long term value for our customers by developing indigenous solutions and building strong partnerships.

What we do?

At OOMIPL, we are socially conscious about the causes related to process efficiency that leads to environmental benefits. We emphasize on the optimum utilization of the resources through continuous improvement in technology and process.Our operations provide end to end solutions including engineering, procurement, integration, installation and commissioning management.

We have four business verticals focusing on

Mining Industry
Kabel Home
Smart City

We provide state-of-the-art products for cable and wire industries. This ensures that the customers do not face any challenges in their usage and performance.

We sell solar power in India abiding on fixed-price contracts to our customers, at prices which in many cases are at or below prevailing alternatives for these customers. Since the outset, we have achieved a considerable price optimization in total solar project cost, which not only includes a significant decrease in the balance of systems costs but as well our value, engineering, design, and procurement efforts. Our electricity prices are insulated from the volatility of commodity prices. We guarantee the electricity production of our solar power plants to our customers.

The solutions developed by us for automation and communication are encompassing and can be used in all mining operations. They fulfill even the highest demands for use in explosive atmospheres.

We implement green solutions such as solar street lights, smart poles, remote monitoring system, etc. in the smart city projects.

Why choose us?

We aspire to be independent of fossil fuel in future by maximizing green energy smart solutions which include telecom towers, industrial warehouses, rooftop installations and EV charging stations.

This is achieved by our team which is led by determined leaders, who are focused on transforming energy needs everywhere. A balanced combination of young and experienced, energetic and conventional, international and local, our team has wide-ranging experience in energy finance, public policy with track records of building successful businesses.

Core values which drive our business are

Quality service
Environment friendly
24/7 Service
Customer Delight

Our EPC team boosts our ability to be flexible with our choice of technology, which allows us to choose high-quality equipment while optimizing the combination of total project cost and yield.

Our management team maximizes project yield and performance through proprietary system monitoring and adjustments. Our salespeople will work with you to find the right solution for your product and business needs.

Our technical service and customer care teams are here to ensure your satisfaction.We offer 365 days SLA for customer service and backup support. We also have warehouse arrangements and are at your service 24*7.

Our meticulous efforts have enabled us to meet the demands of our customers and deliver quality products thereby building a vast client base.

Our Customers

We partner with our clients to create long term value for our customers by developing indigenous solutions and building strong partnerships.

We partner with our clients to create long term value for our customers by developing indigenous solutions and building strong partnerships.